It is our mission to make Offshore Gaming a safe and welcoming place for all. It is our goal to ensure all users have a valuable, inclusive and welcoming experience. These rules outline what is and isn't allowed on our Discord Server.

Please note: If you quote, influence or copy those that have broken rules, you may also be punished. This includes attempting to "bait" people into admitting they're under 13, or trying to get people to spam ping you through a nickname. If you reply to people that break the rules you may also be warned.

Regarding Dank Memer and other currency bots - the soliciting of bot coins/items are not allowed as they result in a large amount of scamming, please move your discussion with this to DMs or consider doing it in an official server with these currency bots instead.

In addition: Not all rules are listed, please use common sense and avoid finding "loopholes" in the rules. Read the channel topic of each channel to view any additional rules that may be there.

Also, Make sure to follow Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

For moderation purposes, this server is English only. This means you cannot post ASCII, binary, morse code, or fake languages like simish and game/movie languages.



1. Do not swear in chats or VCs, or attempt to bypass the swear filter, unless posted otherwise. 'Bypassing the swear filter' means changing the characters of a filtered word so the automod cannot detect it (this includes 'f***' or 's***'). This doesn’t apply to #adult_chat or VC which are unlocked when you turn 18, but racial slur usage will result in an instant ban anywhere within the server. Quoting messages that contain swear words or jokingly saying you'll 'say the N word' is also not allowed, we aren't interested in risking whether or not you'll actually break our rules.

2. Advertising isn't allowed anywhere except when added to our bot. This includes asking people to join your server in any way, such as through DMs or verbally in the server. DM advertising means you try to entice members from this server into following your service or joining your server, a link is not required for this to occur, this means inviting people to DM you in chat with phrases such as "DM me for free nitro" where there is a promise of reward is not allowed, as it is usually a scam.

3. Do not post malicious links or files that could be used to steal accounts or information anywhere, this includes surveys. For this reason we automod all links in chats, so don't bypass the filter by making adding characters so the automod cannot detect your links.

4. Please keep your topics in the correct channel. For example, only discuss topics related to gaming within the #video_games channel. You can look at the channel topics/pins to see exactly what you must keep on-topic there. Also, a friendly reminder to ensure to add warnings to your super loud videos in #images if you post images there or any other channel.


5. To keep the server peaceful, please do not harass other users or be toxic, such as by arguing in #general or insulting others. Toxicity can mean: harassing users, discriminating users based on their race or sexual orientation, being disruptive to staff, organizing large hate trains/ralleys etc. Arguing involves fighting with someone based on political views or other topics; if you would like to argue with someone, do it in DMs and not in the server.


6. Don't spam within channels, this can mean:

- Typing separate lines very quickly

- Typing out large blocks of text

- Chaining (lyrics that make up a song etc)

- Posting the same images/emojis multiple times (up to 4 emojis at a time)

- Posting/reacting with flashy GIFs or Emotes

- No cluttering chat with zalgo (crazy text) or weird fonts

This still applies if you quickly delete the messages afterwards.


7. Please make sure all topics are appropriate for children. Nothing can be posted, streamed or shared that is NSFW (unless otherwise posted), sexually explicit, relating to substance abuse, disturbing or that displays a grave nature; this includes inappropriate profile pictures that have 'ahegao' or other insinuating images. Remember not to discuss topics such as suicide, self-harm or abuse.


8. Don't constantly beg for nitro, roles, items or anything similar from anyone in the server. If this occurs in DMs we will not be able to punish the user, we advise you block the user instead.


9. Do not use alts maliciously such as by joining giveaways to give yourself an unfair advantage or to bypass a punishment given to your main account.


10. Only play songs in the music voice channels; you aren't allowed to play normal videos or songs with excessive swearing. This means you can play songs with mild swearing, but please ensure none of the lyrics contain racial slurs.


11. No impersonation of people/bots with profile pictures or names. They do not have to be in the server, it can be a bigger issue if you trick users into believing you're actually the person you impersonate. Impersonating anyone isn't allowed, especially if it is identically so.


12. You cannot have symbols in your name (including invisible names) that cause users difficulty to ping you. The reason for this is because it causes moderation to be slower, as we have to copy and paste your name to tag you, and it decreases the visibility of chat. All characters and symbols must be typeable on a standard English QWERTY keyboard. Changing your nickname back to your previous untaggable name after being warned may result in more action being taken against you.


13. Don't ask for personal information or distribute any personal information without consent. Exposing private information may result in a ban whether in the server or in DMs.


14. You aren't allowed to misuse spoilers by making it look as if you're swearing or saying something inappropriate, some examples of this are 'frick you' or 'nugget'. Using spoilers around a word that may look like the N word will result in a ban, same goes with any way you bypass the filter.


15. You cannot annoy others in VCs with mic spamming or voice changers. Also please remember to add a warning to loud videos or audio you post within the server.


16. You aren't allowed to minimod. This means acting as a mod; telling people they will be warned for breaking a rule or telling others off if they are breaking a rule. If you have a problem please ping an active staff member instead of acting as one yourself.


17. No interfering with moderator's duties, this could mean:

- Trolling them with fake/forged evidence

- Calling moderators without a good reason in chats

- Directly messaging them or @ModMail#5460 to troll within a report

- Arguing with them in chats instead of messaging a higher ranked staff member

- Don't misinform other users with serious questions on purpose

If you have any questions about the rules or would like to report someone, please DM any staff member about it.

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